An Artificer is usually seen as smart and knowledgeable when it comes to infusing certain types of energy into objects or creating powerful weapons and artifacts. However, these Artificers are more of what you would call mad scientists, as their „inventions” are usually an insane and extremely dangerous piece of equipment they pull out of oblivion itself... They are known to be the most agile and mobile, usually seen on hovercrafts, flying through the air with mechanical wings or have their armor enhanced to be able to move at massive speeds. Most Artificers have a link to the Mothership, which grants them extremely valuable resources and information that they need in order to understand how their powers work, as they are given the Mothership's unique ability to design, engineer and even create the same types of drones as the Mothership, though much weaker than that... „thing” is capable of (mostly due to Artificers being relatively small compared to a giant freaking space ship that can be seen from anywhere on the planet). Despite their low defense, they are required on every team, as they are the only Praetorian class capable of repairing damage and extracting the team from dangerous combat engagements.

„Sometimes you just need a few drones, sometimes you need a 200 pound steel wolf.”

The Shaper specialisation for the Artificer is a Summoner type specialisation, granting the Artificer a way to „shape” drones and create them using a much more potent and efficient fabricator, although only capable of creating simple beast type constructs in the image of wolves, eagles, bears and so on.

Shapers can be quite useful as a way to keep the enemies at bay with drones while they help the team get in range, resupply ammo and focus on repairs, while a Shaper using a Familiar is essentially a second ally with more impressive combat capabilities. Just don't touch the Shaper's pet or they will nuke you from orbit...
A Shaper can easily create openings for their team in both offense and defense, using drones to distract enemies and cause mayhem on the battlefield by flanking the enemy or bombarding them from above when the team isn't in a position to take out large groups of enemies quick enough, or redirecting fire from allies when necessary if the Vanguards need to resupply or recharge their equipment. A Familiar is also an excellent tool in helping a Reaper take out enemies if theres no one else to assist in combat.
The Shaper's constructs, as mentioned, are simple and cannot wield Praetorian Class weaponry as of yet, however, most Artificers have managed to integrate their sentry turrets into the designs of some of the constructs, granting them at least low caliber firepower. Despite this, the drones are still more effective at melee range, as they are usually designed with sharp claws and talons made out of small energy blades. The drones are created with a unique upgrade to the Omega Fabricator known as a Delta Drone Catalyst, which allows the Shapers to create fully automated AI drones with whatever body type they can design. The drones aren't invincible and do not benefit from a Vanguards shield link, unless it is a Familiar specifically designed to benefit from it.
The drones are mostly used as distractions to keep the enemy busy, however, some Shapers create a unique construct with more powerful upgrades that they always keep around as a sort of pet. These types of drones have been classified as Familiars and can be upgraded far beyond what a regular drone is capable of, however, this does cut down the Shapers maximum drone count from 5 to 3, as they require far more energy to keep active.
Energy management
Once a drone is destroyed, it takes a short amount of time for the Omega Fabricator to rebuild it again, after which the Shaper can redeploy the drone. However, a Familiar takes a considerably longer amount of time to rebuild. Shapers that absorb energy after an enemy kill reduce the amount of time it takes to rebuild a drone or Familiar, even being able to redeploy the drones immediately if they picked up an excess amount of energy, meaning they can keep a constant flow of drones attacking or disrupting the enemy.
Delta Drone Catalyst
The Delta Drone Catalyst is far less customisable than most other equipment, as its purpose isn't something that can be changed all that much and Shaper specialist Artificers retain all of their regular gadgets and repair units from the Omega Fabricator. However, whenever they use one of them, they are automatically applied to any drone deployed on the field. That being said, one of the Arch-Artificers has recently managed to create drones of herself that have full combat capability of a Praetorian and even have all 5 drones active despite the massive energy consumption.
Overcharge: Pack Tactics
The Shaper's maximum drone capacity increases to 10 and its construct rebuild speed is massively increased, allowing it to redeploy a drone the instant it is destroyed. During the duration of the overcharge, the drones and constructs are given a boost to their weaponry and combat capabilities (still not capable of using Praetorian weapons, however).
„I got 250 more goddamn rounds in this 20 round magazine.”

The Warforged specialisation for the Artificer is a weapon-oriented combat specialisation that allows them to forge, craft, enhance, infuse and combine weaponry into weapons of mass destruction.

Warforged are seen as the most important members in a team, as they can create ammo at increased rates and less energy cost, therefore being quite valuable to have alongside any other Praetorian. They are also responsible for transporting forces to locations and are even the most social specialists, as their knowledge of equipment has them constantly interacting with other Praetorians while upgrading their gear or engineering a custom vehicle.
Warforged are usually the ones in charge of transporting a team to a location as their gear allows them to construct many different vehicle class rigs and even pilot them remotely from a specific location or with the vehicle controls themselves.
Most weaponry created is usually more powerful than standard class weaponry Praetorians are able to get their claws on, however, already existing weaponry can be enhanced to the power of crafted weapons and without extra ammo usage, but only for a short period of time before it has to be enhanced again. As mentioned above, crafted weapons posses much higher ammo cost and are usually reserved for situations that truly require a pocket sized orbital cannon or anti-vehicle launchers.
A Warforged is capable of not only weaponsmithing however, as the Warforge Catalyst has several other functions, such as creating combat vehicles, ships, high explosive ordinance and even a specialised mech suit for itself or its allies. If you thought a Vanguard was already terrifying, imagine one in a 1000 pound mech suit with an even bigger weapon... As with Shapers, the Warforged also spend a considerable amount of time customising their hovercrafts or ships to a more extreme extent than most other vehicles. Unlike Shapers however, who only sometimes create a Familiar drone, Warforged almost always have a custom built vehicle rig no matter how much time, resources or energy they need to waste on it.
Energy management
While the enhancement to existing weapons is easily usable as its energy cost is quite generous, forging a specially designed weapon takes quite a lot more energy and even more once in need of an ammo resupply unit, the Tradeoff being massive firepower and extremely lethal upgrades for allies.
Warforge Fabricator Catalyst
A Warforge Fabricator Catalyst allows the Warforged to create a weapon of their choosing from small caliber to actual mass destruction weaponry. The Warforge Catalyst also allows the Artificer to create significantly more ammo for the weapons they create or weapons their team is using, making them a valuable asset to any team alongside the usual support tools Artificers come with.
Overcharge: Suit Up
The Warforged overcharge creates a more powerful and highly dangerous, unstable mech suit that can be piloted by any of the three Praetorian rigs and is usually designed to be used by the respective rig, however, these cannot be maintained for long periods of time and have a very short time limit as their energy cost is astronomically high. Use it efficiently.